April 19, 2012

Today was BSA-Day

We like to think that chopped Crockers and bobbed knuckleheads are the only real bikes.
Well, today there has been a remarkable BSA theme in the Shop.
First I hung the vintage air riffle collection, that is up for sale. Amongst, is an old BSA-riffle, from back when guns were for kids, and they had enough power kill medium sized animals without any effort.

What a beautiful rack, with guns dating as far back as 1930. Come get yours.

Actually our old shelved glass desk in the shop, comes from an old gunstore, and still has old weapon stickers on it, from when it was holding ammo and pistols, back in the 40's and 50's here in Copenhagen.

Old BSA sticker
Then Torben Stig came by on this years maiden-voyage of his old BSA B50 Scrambler.
To those who don't know Torben Stig, please know that he is one of Europes most talented vintage motorcycle race drivers. He competes all over Europe on his large collection of old, fast motorcycles. He he also a skilled mechanic, tuner and a good looking ladies man.
A no-bullshit scrambler, nice for the Copenhagen trafic.
Torben Stig complained a bit about the bike popping out of 1st gear when
doing wheelies, but other than that it rides superb.
Handsome Mr. Tightpants and his motosickle.

Nothing much to say here.

Please note how one corner of the license-plate is scraped off.
That happend in a little incident some years ago.

When taking off, Torben Stig usually only rides on one wheel
 - maybe to save the front tire.

Later in the afternoon, Thomas stopped by the shop, on the way to Jon Nordstrøms book reception, for the Danish Porn book, released today.

Thomas has also been rebuilding this winter, tuning his BSA B31 to 600cc. With titanium valves and other nice little tweeks, this bike is somewhat of an angry little thing.
Thomas has owned this bike for over 30 years, and what started out as an original motorcycle, has had many looks over the years.

The new seat didn't come back from the upholstery-guy yet,
so Thomas glued on a thin piece of foam, for  extreme comfort.
One year only, very rare BSA-star. Those don't come around too often.

A lot of containers for oil, tools and so on.

Good ol' british orange marmelade can, for a hot piece of toast.

Goodbye Thomas. See ya' around.

Another great day at Motorious.

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