May 14, 2012

BUY: Limited edition Grand Opening poster

If you already forgot, we are having our Grand Opening party on May 26th.

We have a very limited run of Linocut posters for the event, which are up for sale.
There was 50 made, and a lot of them are already gone.
For your chance to get your greasy hands on a poster before the last of them sell on the opening day, mail us on
The cost is 200 DKK / 40 USD / 30 EUR
If you live far away, send your little sister to pick it up, or get a shipping quote from us.

Just to tell you a litte about the poster:
It is made by artist Jens-A.
He spent many cold winter nights cutting the poster, reversed, with a dull knife in an old piece of linoleum.

He then pressed the poster on extremely nice heavy paper, from the ancient egypt (found in the entombed catacombs of the Carburatus pyramid). Every single poster is pressed to the sound of duelling banjos.

It comes in 3 Colors:

- Full-moon midnight virgin blood
- 100.000 mile oil
- Just green

Each poster is signed and numbered. With a pencil. Just a regular pencil. Really.

100.000 mile oil

Jens-a on the right with his Goldtone banjo.

See how thick and nice the paper is.

You should not hang the poster this way, but upside down instead.

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  1. Why are You so far away from us :( shit...

    ps.If You want to manufacture something for bikes/bikers - let us know. We can make You a good offer for a good quality stuff