May 22, 2012

Loading up some beer!

We are so very pleased to let you all know that the Grand Opening on saturday 26th will be well lubed by  fantastic beer from Krenkerup Brewery.

The host of Castle Run, Patrick, founded and runs Krenkerup Brewery out of his castle on Lolland.
He has been so kind to help us out with a truckload of draught beer that we will be picking up on friday.
What a nice guy, huh?

As mentioned earlier, the magic about this liquid, is that it is brewed without any artificial additives.
Just a mix of water and booze!!!
No used condoms, boxing gloves or the like - that usually makes you wake up a strange place on sunday, regretting not just sticking with milk.

Rumors have it that Patrick and his neighbor will show up on their bikes as well, and help out with the beer!

For more info, check out Krenkerup Brewery Website.

1 comment:

  1. We Will be helping out for sure mate......drinking it by the bucket loads.

    Se you Saturday