May 31, 2012

Motorious Grand Opening Pictures #1

Well, it has been quite some days since we threw the Grand Opening. We had such an enjoyable time, and all the feedback we have received has also been very positive - stating that this should definitely be done again soon.

As I just mentioned in my earlier post, we gushed through quite some beer, sausages and sunshine.

Krenkerup Brewery had kindly supplied us with their gold elixir, and hundreds of people consuming strong beer for up to 17 hours, which was the duration for the most eager party-nuts, meant going through 23 kegs, containing just around 1150 pints.

We would like to give a warm thank you to the people who helped out with different things like bartending, carrying heavy stuff, grill inspection, delivering items for the auction. Especially Killerbobbers, girlfriends, Keith from Eat Dust, who kindly sponsored a sleeveless vest for the auction, Le Beef for the help and the nice items for the auction, all the people who came on bikes, neighbours for their tolerance and participation, Otto for being the best ever auction assistant, Jeremy for coming all the way to help out and YOU for coming next time.
And once again: Patrick of Krenkerup Brewery!

We didn't get to take a lot of pictures ourselves, but we are awaiting all the pictures from the pros.
As we get pictures in, we will be posting them, but here is the first couple of our own:

Sporster primary surgery.

Keith sat in that chair for 3 days. You can have it buddy, if they will let you take it on the plane.

The beer is ready

Come buy presents for your girlfriend.

Jeremy who flew in all the way from the states.

The morning after:


  1. Whats that funny looking green can of water Keith is holding ????

  2. Looks good, wish I had been there to drink that sweet beer and eat herrings.

  3. Damn I wish I was there, had my Motorius T shirt on all day.. :-)
    Your Supporter in Jutland..