May 11, 2012

Motorious Tee now available

Hello friends.
Things are good here in Copenhagen. A lot of handsome people are in town, for tomorrows Castle Run.
Rob and Keith of Eat Dust came by this morning to show off their rock solid denim products. Really cool stuff.

Also cool is our first T-shirt for Motorious. It is a decent brown rag that comes in the sizes S to 2XL
The XL is on a black shirt though.
They are perfect for any weather condition. You can wear it without a jacket in the winter time. Heck, you can even let your old' lady sleep in it if she is too ugly in the nude.

The price is 150 DKK (30 USD / 20 EUR )

We ship worldwide if you are too lazy to come and pick it up in the shop.

Order by sending a juicy email to

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