June 9, 2012

A Magic Trick

This coming weekend, on Saturday June16th 2012, the Motorious shop as you know it will close down for 1 day and at the exact same time, the shop will magically reappear in Fjeldsted on Fyn (DK). This act of magic is being performed due to the fact that our good friend and very cool cat, Mr. Christian Brems at US PITSTOP is hosting Jungle Fever #1 - and Motorious will be in attendance.

The line-up is foolproof: Music, tattooing, pinstripping, motorcycle parts and cold beer - all you need to get in trouble with the missus. Check the flyer below and drop by if you like it old and awesome. As an added, and very random bonus, there will be free flutes for the ladies at the Motorious bus of magic tricks.