June 9, 2012

Vintage license plate glass reflector jewels for your Harley

We offer you the chance to buy high quality old-style license plate reflectors for your car or bike.
We have new reproductions, which are made in the US. Our supplier has made these for 30+ years, and is still going strong.
Please know that these are real glass refletors, and not the plastic china junk you get on ebay.
The come in either round or jewel cut. The round reflects the most light.
They measure 15/16" and mounts in a 3/16" hole.
We also offer smaller reflectors that are 11/16"

Please email us on info@motorious.dk for current color stock and prices.

Furthermore we often get old vintage and NOS reflectors of various kinds. Please write us an email if you are looking for specific styles or colors, to match your exact needs. They go fast!

Clickedy-click on the picture to enlarge, Hubby-

Cool little bicycle-style reflector


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