July 28, 2012

SOLD: Evel Knievel Pinball Machine 1977

When I was a kid back in the 80's, I had a Bally Evel Knievel Pinball machine.
My uncle gave it to us, and my father spent countless hours keeping it running.
We played for hours and hours during many years.
When my brother and I gradually moved out, my father donated it to the local youth club.

It was a beautiful machine, produced by Bally in 1977. It had Harley #1 logos all over, skanks with saggy tits in tight tee's, jumping XR's and loads of coolness.

I the recent years I have been trying to find that old machine again, but it seems to be forever lost, to the eternal pinball catacombs.

However, I finally managed to find a similar one, only about 2 miles from my house.
I talked the owner into selling it to me, as he hadn't got around to fix it up.

Now I must sadly confess that I put it straight in storage, and probably won't get the time to give it some love, for the next year or so. Having to many projects and a baby on the way, I have decided to part with it again, and pass it on to someone who can fit it in their man-cave.

It is in rather good condition, with some wear due to the 35 year old history, but it is intact, nice playfield and everything is there.
There is even a new rubber ring kit and all the diagrams with it.
It is original paint, has not been molested, and comes with the old original legs too.

It seems to have a rotten circuit board somewhere, but anyone with electrical skills and interest, can learn to fix up this beauty.

It lights up when connected. Lock is missing.

I will ship worldwide, but prefer local pickup in Copenhagen.

Priced to sell.

Contact: lau@motorious.dk

All pictures are from teh interwebs, but I can take some pics of the actual machine, to those interested.

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