August 22, 2012

70's SEGA slot-machine

In stock, right this very minute, is an early 70's (maybe even late 60's) SEGA slot machine, which comes with a number of amazing features: For one, it is approved by the high commission of drinking and gambling back in 1971 to be in order and in smoking hot condition to devour your pocket change. This slot machine spins 3 wheels of mayhem independently of each other and the payouts are solid once you hit a golden combination. With this item also comes a key, which means that in the case of disappointing payouts, you can always just start over once your cash is gone. In other words, this is also one of the first ever recorded cases of invulnerability in gaming. Who needs Duke Nuke'm when you can just unlock your slot machine for weeks of fun-time play-time slot-time.

The machine eats truckloads of Danish 50 øre coins - and possibly also other denominations depending on their value - and also the size of the coin. The interior looks like it's a fun thing to repair, in case that would ever be needed (it's working perfectly) - and all you need is a screwdriver and a bit of wits, and this machine will bow down to your awesome slot-machine repairman skills in no time.

This beauty would look good in every club-house, play-house, doll-house, office-house(?), in-house, out-house, kids-house, summer-house...even in the White House. Come get your kicks.

27 ways to win - any position

If you're interested, drop by the shop on Enghavevej 10 - Copenhagen, Denmark. Opening hours are on the website - as well as phone and mail info. And if you're actually calling from the White House, we will be happy to ship overseas for the right price, same goes for everybody else.

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