August 25, 2012

Naked or Engel?

FE EngelYes, it’s that simple. Let’s face it, if it was warm enough we’d all be naked – so the next best thing is wearing awesome shit instead. Being a shop that has a soft spot for original quality style in all shapes and sizes, we now carry Engel Original – a well know Danish work-wear brand dating back to 1927, that is a match made in heaven for the biker who wants to keep warm and stay cool without having to carry around too much crappy weight and bulk.

So, check it out – we got the thermals and the pile jacket as our favourite items so far – tried and testet on this years trips and every-day wear. The Thermal jacket and vest is made to wear under your riding gear/jacket to keep out the cold – light weight and effective. If you feel like flashing it over a Tee shirt, that’ll also turn some ladies heads we can assure your, as we’ve the victims of countless females approaching us when wearing this gear throwing themselves in front of our motorcycles due to the shear awesomeness of our clothes. The back of the jacket is extended to keep your ass warm when you are stretched outright across your chopper, and the return of the chest pocket is a cool detail which your tobac’er will be happy to sit in. The fit is tighter than the original design, so it’ll snug in nicely as riding wear. Cool shiz indeed. Each item is around €80.

Another favourite is the pile jacket which is a bit more bulky than the thermals, and also a lot warmer. It can be turned inside out, with a very effective change in temperature when doing so. This allows you to adjust your level of heat-flashes to a minimum – or maximum – whichever if you prefer. For the colder months coming up, this will give you a great opportunity to stay (very) warm. Also around €80 a pop.

If you wanna get Engel wear for free, check out the Euroman competition here. Otherwise, drop by and pony up some $ at the shop and get it before your neighbor. Full catalogue is available here.

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