September 17, 2012

Autumn means: Jacket time!

So, you noticed how it is getting a bit colder, huh?
Why not come by Motorious and pick up your new jacket or vest for the autumn.
We can offer your soft skin protection from the chilly winds with different garment.

For the price aware (cheap skate) who wants to look good all the time, in a nice quality jacket:
The Dickies Eisenhower.
Unchanged for ever and ever, will last many years, and will also make your girlfriend think you look pretty decent.
Works nice all year, and has a comfy lining.

Dickies Eisenhower Jacket - 695 DKR

Danish workwear since 1927.
Our favourite picks here, are The Pile Jacket (which also comes in a version without sleeves, funny enough, someone named it The Pile Vest)
This is the fluffiest piece of clothing you will ever own, and it will keep you seriously warm during the long winter days and nights. It is guaranteed that you want one, if you try it on.
It is reversible, and with the even fluffier side in, it will provide 10% more insulation.
The only problem with this, is that it will probably make the rest of your wardrobe jealous.
Engel Original Pile Jacket 600 DKR

Also from Engel, we have the Thermal Jacket (also available as vest). This is a bit thinner than the Pile jacket, but is a totally classic thermal jacket, also very nice to fit under your leather jacket, when riding in the winter.
A nice and slim thing, available in 3 colors here at Motorious.
Remember to check out the Engel Original Website where the ol' greasy hunks from Motorious are trying on dirty old clothes - maybe you'll get a peek at some skin!

Engel Original Thermal Jacket 650 DKR

Both of the Engel things are actually pretty good liners for other jackets.

To top it off, we offer Eat Dust jackets and vests.
We recently received a new shipment, and were lucky enough to get a few items from the new Bloodline Collection, that will be available in the end of the year.
Come by and see if you are the lucky size.
Eat Dust is made by our good friends Rob & Keith from the beautiful Belgium. They visited us for our Grand Opening party, and actually just popped by last saturday, to drop off some nice leather products that are also available here in the shop.
These guys know the secret art of making you want to sleep with a key ring.

Their jackets and vests are of an immaculate quality, and will get you laid instantly.

Eat Dust Vest and Jacket

See you in the shop - or email us if you live in the rural country site, and want us to ship your stuff fast to make you stand out from all the other rednecks.

Warm hugs and kisses.

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