September 13, 2012

Pictures from the Motorious Fall Auction '12

Dear Friends,
THANK YOU very much, for showing up at the auction.
We estimate around 300 people visited during the day. There was an impressive lineup in the street of various bikes, and many great auction items ensured a great interest for bidding on weird stuff.

The auction was split up in 2 sections, and took around 3 hours in total.
Many good bargains were made, and we hope that all buyers will show up next time as well.

If anyone has more pictures, feel free to send them to and we will post the best ones here on the blog.

Pohotographer Michael Caddy sneaked up to take a shot from above. Thank you!

A selection of some of the lots, varying from Pile Jacket sponsored by Engel, to a little painting by Jesper Bram

This nice 50's dentist console was a hot item.

Sportster on auction

Some leather, signs and other delicious junk

Love the old Anglia ad, and a set of harley wheels with original star hubs

Wrenchmonkees WM AC clothing, offered very limited. 

Train station clock, '69 Jaguar MKII grill, Harley frame (most likely some 30's D series - can someone identify it more precisely?)

Nice old 70's Castrol sign and a pile of old tires.

Shell oil dispenser

Søren has put some hours into this panhead

We ran out of parking for motorcycles in front of the store, so every little spot was full.

Jon Nordstrøms Hot Rod Velo 330

Ural Bobber

Evel Knievel Bally '77 pinball was on auction as well

'65 Ural with sidecar on auction

Old russian kids bike and copper fire extinguisher

Happy People are always concentrated

A wide array of different bikes this saturday

Auctioning of an old orange Bellstaff raing leather suit

Director of lot presentation, Mr. Otto Meyer, with some vintage Faxe Kondi

We managed to keep the party-police out

Hello photoshop

A quite large headlight

Sums it up pretty good

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

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