October 24, 2012

Flake and Flames - The kustom kulture adventure

What is Kustom Kulture? Who created it? And why is it such a global phenomenon?
Independent filmmakers Jesper Bram and Dirk Behlau decided to find out, travelling the world for a year to talk to Kustom Kulture’s most talented exponents.

Jesper is an internationally acclaimed pinstriper and artist and Dirk is a similarly admired lifestyle photographer, and their kustom kredentials opened doors and gave them candid access to top-notch names like Coop, Frank Kozik, Von Franco and The Pizz… amongst many other kustom artists and fabricators.
The resulting 75-minute ‘Flake and Flames’ documentary is a pounding drool-fest of the planet’s koolest hot rods, choppers, art and music. It’s a film made with passion, it’s crowd-funded… and for the first time brings you an in-depth look at kustom kulture!

You could be part of Flake and Flames! To contribute to the production (and get some cool swag in return) just go to http://support.flakeandflames.com

Release date: Dec 2012

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