November 15, 2012

Splitting lanes in NYC

I've been on leave in the great and crazy New York City while Lau has been at home taking care of The Little Dragon and the shop. I've also been very much offline and very much doing exactly what I wanted to, which has meant beers, bikes and a healthy focus on the female gender. As I'm soon heading back to Copenhagen, there are a few things the world absolutely must know about! Things like detailed information about my encounters with motorcycles and meeting new friends mainly - but trust me, it's very important stuff, which I'm sure you'll agree. I don't even know where to start (ie I'm disorganized and not sure where this rant is going. Anyways, I've met a lot of keepers, including Don Diego Mannino; Tattoo'er, great guy and biker mixed into one, with 3 great bikes in his stable: a 74" Flathead, a BSA and this slightly stretched triumph lane-splitter (which I've always had a soft-spot for).

I had the pleasure of riding Diego's flathead and the Triumph and being an unmolested pink-flowered virgin rider in New York City, I can honestly say it is as much fun as it is scary. The thing is that a different set of rules apply than what I'm used to, such as if you don't honk your horn people think you're weird and will try and run you over. Also, the nicely painted green eco-friendly and vegetarian-like bike-lanes are apparently both for motorcycles and bikes alike if you decide so.

As we're riding along Vito appears to us, as if he's been waiting for us all day, with his newly assembled Yamaha 650 XS dumped into a rigid frame - also stretched out, so we had ourselves a regular old stretch-out ride(?). Vito shares a garage with one of the Death Science guys, which proves that the world is still quite small.

Our destination was the huge Calvary Cemetary in Queens which has a lot of dead people, nicely carved stones and rows of mausoleums bigger than my apartment.

I had some very cool days hanging out with Diego - and I can recommend people in the area to check out Dare Devil Tattoo on Ludlow in New York City, Diego does tattoos and improv' poetry on request.

More posts to come, including an encounter with Hurricane Sandy, the Hunt & Capture of the Purple People Eater and the second coming of the chopper-parts God (he's actually located in south New Jersey close to Williamstown as it turns out).

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