May 31, 2012

Motorious Grand Opening Pictures #1

Well, it has been quite some days since we threw the Grand Opening. We had such an enjoyable time, and all the feedback we have received has also been very positive - stating that this should definitely be done again soon.

As I just mentioned in my earlier post, we gushed through quite some beer, sausages and sunshine.

Krenkerup Brewery had kindly supplied us with their gold elixir, and hundreds of people consuming strong beer for up to 17 hours, which was the duration for the most eager party-nuts, meant going through 23 kegs, containing just around 1150 pints.

We would like to give a warm thank you to the people who helped out with different things like bartending, carrying heavy stuff, grill inspection, delivering items for the auction. Especially Killerbobbers, girlfriends, Keith from Eat Dust, who kindly sponsored a sleeveless vest for the auction, Le Beef for the help and the nice items for the auction, all the people who came on bikes, neighbours for their tolerance and participation, Otto for being the best ever auction assistant, Jeremy for coming all the way to help out and YOU for coming next time.
And once again: Patrick of Krenkerup Brewery!

We didn't get to take a lot of pictures ourselves, but we are awaiting all the pictures from the pros.
As we get pictures in, we will be posting them, but here is the first couple of our own:

Sporster primary surgery.

Keith sat in that chair for 3 days. You can have it buddy, if they will let you take it on the plane.

The beer is ready

Come buy presents for your girlfriend.

Jeremy who flew in all the way from the states.

The morning after:

May 27, 2012

Wow - what a party!

1150 pints of beer - loads of great motorcycles - best people from near and far - great auction - sunny weather - sweet banjo music -

Pictures coming soon!

Here is Peter Ossian doing the human pillow.

May 22, 2012

Loading up some beer!

We are so very pleased to let you all know that the Grand Opening on saturday 26th will be well lubed by  fantastic beer from Krenkerup Brewery.

The host of Castle Run, Patrick, founded and runs Krenkerup Brewery out of his castle on Lolland.
He has been so kind to help us out with a truckload of draught beer that we will be picking up on friday.
What a nice guy, huh?

As mentioned earlier, the magic about this liquid, is that it is brewed without any artificial additives.
Just a mix of water and booze!!!
No used condoms, boxing gloves or the like - that usually makes you wake up a strange place on sunday, regretting not just sticking with milk.

Rumors have it that Patrick and his neighbor will show up on their bikes as well, and help out with the beer!

For more info, check out Krenkerup Brewery Website.

May 15, 2012

Service Announcement: Shop closed Sat May 19th

As we're headed of to Track Days on Fyn, we will be bringing most of our shop as well - old parts, t-shirts and stuff you never knew you needed until you fall in love with it. We hope not to trouble too many people who might show up on Saturday at the shop - but it's all about motorcycles, so we are destined to go where the action is. Track Days will again this year be the host of some tough races, cars and bikes both. All will be pre-1954. Support the loonies that bust their ass all winther to get the old veterans on the road again, just to let it rip down the strip and get ready for another rebuild the next year.

Thanks for putting on the event another year, guys! See you tonight.

May 14, 2012

BUY: Limited edition Grand Opening poster

If you already forgot, we are having our Grand Opening party on May 26th.

We have a very limited run of Linocut posters for the event, which are up for sale.
There was 50 made, and a lot of them are already gone.
For your chance to get your greasy hands on a poster before the last of them sell on the opening day, mail us on
The cost is 200 DKK / 40 USD / 30 EUR
If you live far away, send your little sister to pick it up, or get a shipping quote from us.

Just to tell you a litte about the poster:
It is made by artist Jens-A.
He spent many cold winter nights cutting the poster, reversed, with a dull knife in an old piece of linoleum.

He then pressed the poster on extremely nice heavy paper, from the ancient egypt (found in the entombed catacombs of the Carburatus pyramid). Every single poster is pressed to the sound of duelling banjos.

It comes in 3 Colors:

- Full-moon midnight virgin blood
- 100.000 mile oil
- Just green

Each poster is signed and numbered. With a pencil. Just a regular pencil. Really.

100.000 mile oil

Jens-a on the right with his Goldtone banjo.

See how thick and nice the paper is.

You should not hang the poster this way, but upside down instead.

May 11, 2012

Motorious Tee now available

Hello friends.
Things are good here in Copenhagen. A lot of handsome people are in town, for tomorrows Castle Run.
Rob and Keith of Eat Dust came by this morning to show off their rock solid denim products. Really cool stuff.

Also cool is our first T-shirt for Motorious. It is a decent brown rag that comes in the sizes S to 2XL
The XL is on a black shirt though.
They are perfect for any weather condition. You can wear it without a jacket in the winter time. Heck, you can even let your old' lady sleep in it if she is too ugly in the nude.

The price is 150 DKK (30 USD / 20 EUR )

We ship worldwide if you are too lazy to come and pick it up in the shop.

Order by sending a juicy email to

May 5, 2012

New addition to The Motorious Family

Last week I picked up a very anticipated wooden box.
It has been underway for months, sailing from New York to Copenhagen. It contained a 1969 XLCH Sportster. A no bullshit bike with Corbin Hustler, seat, monkey bars, fringes on the levers and the entire package. What a nice little city rocket, a true lane splitter. It has been in storage since 97 and is now undergoing overhauling, getting ready for a new owner over the summer. More pics later.