June 30, 2012

Tvillings Knuckle

Freshly repainted, he just popped by the shop today.
Fastest bike in town. 103" knuckle

Philipino peanut pearl III

Yes. That is the international name for this machine (ouch - i scratched my dong with chili fingers )

June 20, 2012

Loooongest forks of the week (well actually last week)

Saw this guy last week, when picking up some parts at Franks. This guy rides the shit out of that bike, dragracing and going on long hauls. Sweet long forks my friend.

June 15, 2012

Love vacation

Our very good friends Jacob-Ole and his girlfriend Lou just popped by the shop the other day. They are vacationing on their bikes for 2 weeks All around Denmark.
We will meet up with them tonight at Jungle Fever #1 and look forward to hear stories from the road.
Jacob-Ole drives a 1942 45" and Lou recently bought a nice little red MZ ES 250. A true ladys motorcycle.

June 11, 2012

SOLD: White Spaghetti Bates Seat

Look what showed up.
It is a vintage white Bates style seat, made in Italy though.
It is manufactured by Selle Giuliari in the 60's, same period as the Bates.
The seat appears to be made of Naugahyde and it doesn't have any tears or rips. It has a very nice patina from years of just being a seat, not having to worry about anything else.
After a white Bates, this is the second best thing.

Would look great on any chopper, bobber or maybe even on the top of the head of your ol' lady.

If interested, email info@motorious.dk - it is priced very reasonably.

June 10, 2012

EAT DUST in Motorious

Since the end of May, Motorious have been exclusive danish retailers of the fine Belgian Denim EAT DUST.
Rob & Keith produce high-grade denim jeans, vests and jackets. They also output a range of shirts, pants and accessories.
The key element is high quality materials, nerdy details and a very unique approach to design.

We have sold out most of the first batch, but are looking forward to receive next shipment.
There are still jeans and tees on the shelves so hurry up and come by to pick up your rag.

June 9, 2012

A Magic Trick

This coming weekend, on Saturday June16th 2012, the Motorious shop as you know it will close down for 1 day and at the exact same time, the shop will magically reappear in Fjeldsted on Fyn (DK). This act of magic is being performed due to the fact that our good friend and very cool cat, Mr. Christian Brems at US PITSTOP is hosting Jungle Fever #1 - and Motorious will be in attendance.

The line-up is foolproof: Music, tattooing, pinstripping, motorcycle parts and cold beer - all you need to get in trouble with the missus. Check the flyer below and drop by if you like it old and awesome. As an added, and very random bonus, there will be free flutes for the ladies at the Motorious bus of magic tricks.

Vintage license plate glass reflector jewels for your Harley

We offer you the chance to buy high quality old-style license plate reflectors for your car or bike.
We have new reproductions, which are made in the US. Our supplier has made these for 30+ years, and is still going strong.
Please know that these are real glass refletors, and not the plastic china junk you get on ebay.
The come in either round or jewel cut. The round reflects the most light.
They measure 15/16" and mounts in a 3/16" hole.
We also offer smaller reflectors that are 11/16"

Please email us on info@motorious.dk for current color stock and prices.

Furthermore we often get old vintage and NOS reflectors of various kinds. Please write us an email if you are looking for specific styles or colors, to match your exact needs. They go fast!

Clickedy-click on the picture to enlarge, Hubby-

Cool little bicycle-style reflector


June 8, 2012

Fender ornaments

So we have quite a few different quirky fender ornaments in stock . 

Some more desirable than others, and starting at 100 DKR / 20 USD / 15 EUR and up.
Please email lau@motorious.dk for prices and more detail shots. We will add more later, so stay around for some nice items.
Harley tried out with a flying eagle bar & shield fender ornament in '32, found it too heavy, and didn't re-introduce fender ornaments again, until '51.

The Jet Plane

The Animal Tower

Pissing souvenir boy from Bruxelles

Gaping fish

Ol' pinup lady

A small selection

June 7, 2012