August 26, 2012

Auction-day at Motorious: Saturday September 8th

We’ve just made a quick decision to see if we could squeeze in another day of good times in the sun before the summer comes to an end, and we’re happy to say that on Saturday, the 8th of September from 12:00 till 20:00'ish Motorious will be the host of another nice day of hanging out, motorcycle voyeurism, pinstripping and good times in general. Ride your (oldest) motorcycle if you feel like it, and park it outside the shop. The line-up last time was great, and thanks again to everyone who showed up.

Lock up your wifes - it's Auction time
We’ve decided there will be an auction to make sure everyone has a chance to get a hold of some much needed items for their livingroom, motorcycle, museum, tree-house or wardrobe. We hope to see as many people as last time – new friends and old friends alike. A few practicalities are lined up here in a nice bulleted list for those who wish to participate in any way:
  • The auction will start around 15:00.
  • Viewing of the items for sale is possible from 14:00 till 15:00.
  • Want to sell something? Then bring it to the shop during opening hours and we will figure it out. Remember, it's just for fun.
  • All items that go onto the auction must be handed it by 13:00 on the 8th.
  • All sales are final and between owner and seller of the items in question.
  • Payment is due immediately once an item is won.
Golden Days
As the ancient greek goddess of obvious opportunities has smiled upon us on the very day of the 8th, we would like to plug the Golden Days event which is taking place within 500 meters of the Motorious shop. Golden Days is a 3 week festival about the 50’s. This means that Enghaveparken is hosting a fleemarket and some roller-derby'ing, Vega throws the afterparty and at Rejsbygade in front of Vega they are getting insanely crazy with 50's cooking(?) and family funtime.

So, there’s no excuse for not bringing yourself, your bike, your kids, your dog, or your mistress to Enghavevej on Vesterbro September 8th. Lot’s of stuff see and do if you’re into the 50’s style and have been bitten by an irrational desire to deal with old crap like motorcycles, cars, dotted dresses and jumpy-jump dancing. Full programme for the Golden Days 50’s Festival is available here.

That's it for now - BUT - more info will follow on the pinstripping, beers and other stuff we can cram into the day. Stay tuned here or on Facebook for updates.

Got questions? Fire away at info(at)

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

August 25, 2012

Naked or Engel?

FE EngelYes, it’s that simple. Let’s face it, if it was warm enough we’d all be naked – so the next best thing is wearing awesome shit instead. Being a shop that has a soft spot for original quality style in all shapes and sizes, we now carry Engel Original – a well know Danish work-wear brand dating back to 1927, that is a match made in heaven for the biker who wants to keep warm and stay cool without having to carry around too much crappy weight and bulk.

So, check it out – we got the thermals and the pile jacket as our favourite items so far – tried and testet on this years trips and every-day wear. The Thermal jacket and vest is made to wear under your riding gear/jacket to keep out the cold – light weight and effective. If you feel like flashing it over a Tee shirt, that’ll also turn some ladies heads we can assure your, as we’ve the victims of countless females approaching us when wearing this gear throwing themselves in front of our motorcycles due to the shear awesomeness of our clothes. The back of the jacket is extended to keep your ass warm when you are stretched outright across your chopper, and the return of the chest pocket is a cool detail which your tobac’er will be happy to sit in. The fit is tighter than the original design, so it’ll snug in nicely as riding wear. Cool shiz indeed. Each item is around €80.

Another favourite is the pile jacket which is a bit more bulky than the thermals, and also a lot warmer. It can be turned inside out, with a very effective change in temperature when doing so. This allows you to adjust your level of heat-flashes to a minimum – or maximum – whichever if you prefer. For the colder months coming up, this will give you a great opportunity to stay (very) warm. Also around €80 a pop.

If you wanna get Engel wear for free, check out the Euroman competition here. Otherwise, drop by and pony up some $ at the shop and get it before your neighbor. Full catalogue is available here.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

August 22, 2012

70's SEGA slot-machine

In stock, right this very minute, is an early 70's (maybe even late 60's) SEGA slot machine, which comes with a number of amazing features: For one, it is approved by the high commission of drinking and gambling back in 1971 to be in order and in smoking hot condition to devour your pocket change. This slot machine spins 3 wheels of mayhem independently of each other and the payouts are solid once you hit a golden combination. With this item also comes a key, which means that in the case of disappointing payouts, you can always just start over once your cash is gone. In other words, this is also one of the first ever recorded cases of invulnerability in gaming. Who needs Duke Nuke'm when you can just unlock your slot machine for weeks of fun-time play-time slot-time.

The machine eats truckloads of Danish 50 øre coins - and possibly also other denominations depending on their value - and also the size of the coin. The interior looks like it's a fun thing to repair, in case that would ever be needed (it's working perfectly) - and all you need is a screwdriver and a bit of wits, and this machine will bow down to your awesome slot-machine repairman skills in no time.

This beauty would look good in every club-house, play-house, doll-house, office-house(?), in-house, out-house, kids-house, summer-house...even in the White House. Come get your kicks.

27 ways to win - any position

If you're interested, drop by the shop on Enghavevej 10 - Copenhagen, Denmark. Opening hours are on the website - as well as phone and mail info. And if you're actually calling from the White House, we will be happy to ship overseas for the right price, same goes for everybody else.

August 9, 2012

DiCE #45 in Motorious

Dear Princess,
Be a quickie and come get your issue of the latest DiCE #45.
As you probably already know, it comes in 4 different versions, with different cover work by some dude I forgot the name of. But he is probably a pretty fancy art director artist biker dude.
Get it here in Motorious, while supplies last!