October 31, 2012

No news are good news!

The blog has been silent for a few weeks now.
50% of us are in New York battling hurricanes and stocking up new stuff for the shop, while the other 50% are reproducing.
The shop is wrapped in scaffolding due to construction work, but we are still open, with the help of good friends.
We maintain regular opening hours, and look forward to be a bit more present online in a couple of weeks.

We love you all.

October 24, 2012

Flake and Flames - The kustom kulture adventure

What is Kustom Kulture? Who created it? And why is it such a global phenomenon?
Independent filmmakers Jesper Bram and Dirk Behlau decided to find out, travelling the world for a year to talk to Kustom Kulture’s most talented exponents.

Jesper is an internationally acclaimed pinstriper and artist and Dirk is a similarly admired lifestyle photographer, and their kustom kredentials opened doors and gave them candid access to top-notch names like Coop, Frank Kozik, Von Franco and The Pizz… amongst many other kustom artists and fabricators.
The resulting 75-minute ‘Flake and Flames’ documentary is a pounding drool-fest of the planet’s koolest hot rods, choppers, art and music. It’s a film made with passion, it’s crowd-funded… and for the first time brings you an in-depth look at kustom kulture!

You could be part of Flake and Flames! To contribute to the production (and get some cool swag in return) just go to http://support.flakeandflames.com

Release date: Dec 2012

October 11, 2012

Wrecnhmonkees - Grab your Balls

We are proud to once again be exclusive first movers - this time on presenting the Wrenchmonkees "Grab Your Balls" T-shirt collection, made in collaboration with The Danish Cancer Society.
There are 15 Different T-shirts with designs of various talented artists and illustrators.
They cost 350 DKK, from which 100 DKK goes to male related cancer research.
We have them all in stock now as the only retailers yet, so come by and get yours, or get the christmas shopping done so you have the time to wrench on your bike in december.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

October 2, 2012

Pinstriping at the shop this Saturday - Oct 6th '12

Jesper will paint on anything that can hold still long enough, so swing by the shop on Saturday with you lids, boards or bikes between 11am and 3pm.
See some of Jesper's work here.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing