January 28, 2013

Got Auction items?

Very soon, the spring is here and we will be gathering weirdos and wonders at a few auctions during the coming season.
We have had great times with this already. -I just stumbled across some pictures from Dave O'Byrne of Motorbikeerurope.com.
See them here -and click on a picture to see the entire gallery.
Good times indeed.
We discovered that getting people drunk and try to sell them odd stuff, is a really good way of making ends meet.

If you have something interesting you would like to get rid of - feel free to contact us on info@motorious.dk with information on your item.
We are obviously interested in vintage motorcycles, parts and stuff related. -But we also have to admit that we found that there is great interest in obscurities of various kinds. As always taxidermy and quirky interior is the hot thing and we have loads of customers for that.
You will be surprised what gains interest.
The weirder, the better. -Just as long as it is old (or REALLY cool)
We offer the best and most drunk customers you will find in the aution business.

Keep checking back for the dates of the auctions of the coming season, but be sure to attend our 1 year anniversary party june 22., for which you can see the flyer here below.

We are looking forward to have you join us, and guarantee that there are good times to be had, strong beer to be consumed - and lots of money you don't have, to be spend on stuff you didn't know you wanted.

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

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