June 15, 2013

First item for the auction on June 22nd

Stay tuned for more items here

"Alfred Dunhill Meerschaum pipe"
Lot #(to be defined):

An authentic "Alfred Dunhill" pipe

East Indian ebony, silver, alabaster and meerschaum + original box.

Corc is in tact, and the pipe only shows gentle use by the current owner,
a worthy sea-captain of the seven seas (from Vesterbro). In very fine condition.

The current owner proclaims this pipe has saved his life numerous times,
and also almost daily made sure to make him look like a proper hard-ass.

Rules and general information
  • Payment for the item must happen immediately after the auction has ended.
  • If you would like to enquire about a pre-bid, you need to mail info@motorious.dk
  • Any transaction made at an auction is to be considered a buy/sell between individuals.
  • Any item bought at the auction needs to be brought home by the buyer the same day. Any left over items are the responsibility of the new owner.
  • If you would like to sell something on an auction, send a photo and a description to info@motorious.dk
  • Each auction will have a catalogue with lot-numbers
  • If there is a minimum cost, it will be marked here - and also mentioned as the lot number starts during the auction.
  • This art of auctions is a gentlemen's sport, so act like it as best you can, and may your bidding be prosperous and entertaining

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