October 3, 2013

October Fest Update

So people. We have been silent on the blog here for a while.
Things have been good though. We went to New York for the Brooklyn Invitational a couple of weeks ago. We spent a week there, partied hard,  hung out, smoked pipes, watched people and motorcycles and enjoyed all the wonders of Williamsburg.

Our new family member Pablo is taking good care of the shop and fits in very well - and we enjoy having him along. He likes ladies though, so for some strange reason, the lady factor has quadrupled since he was hired. There are long legged blond chicks in the shop all the time, to great joy for everyone.

We are super totally excited to be hosting The Motorious October Fest next saturday, October 12.

It seems that this might very well end up being the craziest Motorious event so far. We have stepped up our game even further on the planning, and there will be loads of good stuff going on.

We are lining up some of the best junk-vendors at this hoarder conference of a swap meet. We have a few spots open - so if you have good shit you want to sell for cheap,  hurry up and email us on info@motorious.dk

Another fabolous auction is lined up - we are talking prime rib items here - the lots include a running registered Harley WLA from '42 - mildly customized with 15" rear wheel, a fantastic low bike, that will be awesome if you had your legs cut off in a chainsaw accident in '89. This bike has a ridiculously low reserve, so you better go to the bank and take all your money out, to bring this runner home. There will also be a Harley WLA project at a very low price as well - if you have time this winter to turn some nuts and bolts.

Also a vintage condom vending machine ready to bolt up next to the bed. -And loads of other good stuff. Watch the blog and facebook, for the final catalogue later this week.

Our trusty house chef Lewis Colston who has a track record of cooking some of the best meat in town has teamed up with legendary suckling pig charmer, Jun Kamata, King of marinades - Inspector of the epic Meat Reactor Barbecue Evilness device.
They will start at 7:00 AM and put 2 little piggies on each their grill, so they can serve us delicious Roast Pig Sandwiches in the afternoon. Make sure not to eat breakfast, but save that precious belly  space for beer and pig - Oktober Fest Style.
We are really excited about this, because we really love good food, like we know all our friends do.

There is an awesome music program lined up - and as always we will not reveal any names - but let it be a bangin' surprise.

The shop will be open during regular hours, so there will be a chance to shop a new helmet, or a t-shirt with naked chicks on it.

We hope to see as many bikes as possible - there will be prizes for best bikes and riders from the furthest away.

We will see you on saturday for the great tit-o-rama October Fest beer convention with old junk and great food and new friends and memory loss on sunday. That sounded like something in japanese that was run through google translate. But it wasn't.

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