November 26, 2014

Motorious Christmas Auction on Saturday, December 6th 2014

The long, red Jingle Bells will be banging together on December 6 when we end the year with the best of good times and an old fashioned Motorious Christmas Auction.
We would like to invite friends, family and customers to this great day in the backyard. We will be serving a beer or two, to the point where you are most vulnerable to buying old quirky junk on our anticipated Christmas Auction. The catalogue of lots will soon be revealed and it will contain things from the usual taxidermy, over cool harley parts to sidecars.

We will also make the yearly Glögg-experience, which will be a psychedelic time travel made from the blood of Jimi Hendrix, and port wine + all the secret hard-to-find stuff.

There will even be a cool ass band playing their stuff. Hear them here, before they explode next summer.

Bring your kids, your mom, your au pair and the 2 sweetest guys from your club.

Everyone on motorcycles will receive a special token of appreciation.

Motorious Christmas Auction on Saturday, December 6th 2014

Catalogue is here

Motorious Copenhagen - Vintage motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing

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