Motorious Copenhagen

Welcome to Motorious.
Motorious was established in 2011 because we love old motorcycles: Old vintage Harley, Indian, Triumph, BSA’s, Matchless, you name it - and all manor of vintage (home)-builds are appreciated whether it’s Japanese, English, Russian, German, Italian or American.

We sell motorcycle parts, riding gear and clothes for the bearded motorised gentleman.
We like to support small independent, possibly local, shops and garages that are also in the tough business of making a living out of what you love, but not necessarily what’s easy to make a living off of.
We have created a unique motorcycle festival experience in Copenhagen called “Magic Carpet Festival”, which is a yearly event drawing thousans of riders together in and around the streets of Copenhagen. 
We’ve learned that motorcycles are not only fun and suitable toys for children of all ages, but also that all the people we meet make it all worth while - so drop by the shop and hang out in the court-yard for an afternoon wrenching session in the sun, or show up at some of our events.
We look forward to meeting you.

Kasper & J.O.
Motorious I/S
Enghavevej 10
1674 V Copenhagen
VAT: DK 33903294

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-15:00
Sundays and Bank holidays: Usually closed, but sometimes open....

+45 25121095

We Buy, Sell & Trade

We're always looking for a good bargain, so if you sitting on your great grandfathers stash of old motorcycle parts or the likes from the gold old days then let us know and maybe we can find a new owner for it. We're also interested in other oldies like leather riding gear, pins, signs, emblems, rare magazines etc - who knows what's out there. Send us a mail at info@motorious.dk if you have something you think might be of interest.