Auction: May 2nd 2015

Saturday May 2nd: Motorious Gipsy Auction

We will hold the auction some time between 2pm and 4pm during the day, and the party starts at 12 noon and ends no later than midnight, so come along for an entire day of old bikes, auctions and and good times.

(See general information at the bottom of this page)



#1/113 Motorious Lino-cut by Jens-Andres and Louise Rosenkrans


Coctail-shaker exhaust pipe set


Bazooka flight-case


Fidelity Jacket, Grey, Medium



1 bottle of double distilled sugar whiskey in vintage 
bottle made with apples,  plums and rye malt,
mostly sugar. 43-46% alcohol. Surprisingly easy to drink.


US army winter jacket reproduction, Size L / 42


Tent for 3 people. Green & Dry


Schott jacket (LC2509), Str. L. Mens fit


Musical furniture


Tunnel-Pro tent


RedWing Iron Ranger boots, size 44


Kansas (Navy) suit
Jacket, pants, never used, with org tag. Size L.


Marlon Brando / James Dean-leather jacket
Most likely from the 50's. Louise Rosenkrans fits it nicely.


Repro Sportster tank


Matchless project

350cc G3LS. 1953.
Har været kørende inden den blev adskildt for renovering af ejer. Ny-renoveret motor og gearkasse. Nye fælge og eger. Ny udstødning. Fodhvilere, baglygte, forgaffel, bagdæmpere, magnet og dynamo følger med i købet. Inkl. papirer på cyklen og faktura på reparationer.

dkr. 5.000,- minimum


Leatherjacket, Red lining, #1


Scull-cap, Medium/small


Side-car tires, 3 units
Russian production


"Gasbeton" sign


Lamp made out of kids bike


Push-bike for adults


Ad-libitum Krenkerup beer all day 2/5-15


2 Castle-Run tickets - all proceeds go to charity


GSX, 250cc Suzuki, 1982


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General information

The art of auctions is to be considered a gentlemen's sport, so act like it as best you can, and may your bidding be prosperous and entertaining. Here are a few rules:

  • This is a private auction.
  • Payment for the item must happen immediately after the auction has ended.
  • If you would like to enquire about a pre-bid, you need to mail
  • Any transaction made at an auction is to be considered a buy/sell between individuals.
  • Any item bought at the auction needs to be brought home by the buyer the same day. Any left over items are the responsibility of the new owner.
  • If you would like to sell something on an auction, send a photo and a description to
  • Each auction will have a catalogue with lot-numbers
  • If there is a minimum cost, it will be marked here - and also mentioned as the lot number starts during the auction.

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